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Materialism in Reminiscing

Open Call Exhibition
Role: Curator, Creative Director
Jury: Yiyi Wang, Blair Simmons

Artist: Morgan Chen, Anh Le, Tianjian Li, OGA, Yiyao Tang, Yu Yan, Yiran Zhang

The dilemma of materialism lies in its manifesto of precision. Considering the fundamental substance in this framework, it is self-evident that matters are tangible and can be eventually interpreted scientifically. However, this notion is constantly challenged because of its median, rather than itself. The framework, no matter how objective it is, will always be contaminated by its narrator, the subjective human mind. 


But such “imperfection” also gives the framework its charm. In attempts to reify these frameworks, distortions from time, surroundings, and artistic temperament are imprinted into this new reality to give its outcome a distinct character that never existed before.


As a contradictory analogy, “Materialism in reminiscing” celebrates this paradox. From video installation to experimental sculpture, we proudly present to you 7 outstanding artists, whose works fumble with this overlooked dynamics of distortion and explore new possibilities in color, form, and texture.

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