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About Junchao

If you are a more serious visitor, you can find his resume and Linkedin on the home page. 


But if you are here for the show, please continue as I pretend to be someone else to introduce myself...

It is difficult to place a title on Junchao since he can do and has done a lot of stuff, although people nowadays are prone to just read his title instead of actually learning who he is. But it is safe to say that he is interested in a lot of things and doesn’t quite understand how to let go. That makes him an interesting person, but not interesting enough to give a shit when he waves at you and says hi. And yes, I said "shxt" on the internet.

Here he is, with his favourite face

What else did he do?

Other than being a product designer and doing a great job, he also designs vases, shoots videos, takes photos, teaches software, curates exhibitions, creates doodles, and casts concrete. He even helps his friend in their English writing when applying for a higher degree. 

That's partial because he used to be an architectural designer, an underpaid occupation with a necessity to learn a lot of skills and pretend to be good at some of them. As result, he helped create a lot of retail experiences when he worked at New Practice Studio. Sadly, many of his works run out of business because of COVID-19. Luckly, some of them have been documented on major architectural medias, and here are some of them.


He is a good cook too, he once singlehandedly prepared a 17 people dinner for his best bro's engagement celebration, in a warm, pleasant Thanksgiving afternoon in Florida. 

How is he recently...


His work "Modi, a versatile rescue system". And yes, he created the above rendering.

His most recent accomplishment is winning second place in a disaster rescue equipment design competition among 2879 competitors. He designed a rescue system that was inspired by Chinese ancient building technologies.


Oh you ask how is he in general? I can only say he is trying to lose weight, and he did NOT get COVID.

He calls himself an artist?

He wishes. But he doodled stuff that people might call art. (It wasn't.) And he did participate and curate some exhibitions in New York.

But he still thinks that artist as a title somehow means something that he is not. Despite the fact that people abused the word "artist", especially when sometimes they saw a pile of garbage they can't understand.

Forma Calli (12).jpg
Exhibition in Occulus Feb.jpg
Composition 012.jpg
Composition 011.jpg
Composition 023.jpg
Forma Calli (6).jpg
Composition 022.jpg
Composition 013 Leaf.jpg

Some of his work, you just can't believe the capability of modeling software

His recent hobby?

IMG_20200110_235730 copy.jpg

His recent hobby would be playing with film cameras since he is always fascinated by analog format. He likes to carry a camera with him all the time and take pictures of his surroundings, some people like it, others not so much.


Because he can do modeling and fabrication, he start to modified them with his 3D printer.

Some of his camera collection

With his effort, he gives life to at least 10 film cameras because he turns them into lenses that can work with a modern DSLR. He sold one of them on eBay on Dec 19th, 2021 at 7:48 PM, which is a big deal to him. Shout out to “acdk” from Georgia, Junchao said happy holiday.

Camera 3.jpg

He turned a Zeiss Tessar 75mm f3.5 from a busted Super Ikonta 531 into a Fuji Lens.

His other achievement about the camera would be he carried a large format camera while climbing mount Rainer to take pictures, and here is a picture to say, he doesn't lie.


His Trip to Rainer Mountain, yes, he also carried the tripod.

Think he is interesting? How about meeting him in an interview XD

He is sometimes very talkative!

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