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Forma Calli-

Exhibition for Floral Installation

Role: Curator, Creative Director


For most urban people, flowers were defined by the places they die. Imagine the presence of a corsage, witnessing the rituals of all human emotion, but inevitably abandoned, decaying in the dumpster nearby. It is almost brutal to think such an empty moment highlights their ephemeral presence. But still, there is always something unfinished in such terrific nothingness. Perhaps it is the fact that their beauty fade like the shallow aura they are representing, making their mere presence, too horrible to stare.
“Forma Calli-” is a playful juxtaposition of the Italian word “form” and a combining form that means “Beautiful”. It showcases the weirdness and the dynamic between flowers and everyday objects. Instead of the fragile catalyst of human purpose, flowers are presented as a monstrous embodiment of their own life and power.

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