Hi, I‘m Junchao
Hi, I‘m Junchao

I am a product designer with a passion for curating happy experiences and make technology accessible to everyone through empathy, solid research, and my piece of social responsibility.


A virtual trainer provides a customized training plan and professional suggestions based on your daily activities 


An e-commerce app offers authentic oriental meal prep kit suited to the cooking experience of all level

Group work with Siyu Zhao

Chef Bento

Jan-Mar 2019 | Product Design


An Urban Study on the regional influence of potential subway constructions in Queens, New York

Group work as project lead

Data-Driven Urban Study

Sep-Dec 2016 | Research

Balanx Orange.jpg

Envisioning next generation exercise and iterating the user flow of electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) training with BalanX EMS suit

Work At BalanX Tech

BalanX EMS

May- 2020 | Product Design (Work)


An on-site AR application integrate small-scale construction management for contractor, workers, and architects

Group work with Siyu Zhao

Build AR

Aug-Dec 2018 | Product Design